Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Week 5

One month just about completed! I will confess that we went out and had some completely illegal food a couple days before the month was up, but it was the right time, and Hubby & I had some very good conversation. I could tell I had a sugar headache, but otherwise not too bad.

I’m working toward really incorporating all of the GAPS protocol:  eating lots of fermented probiotic laden foods, taking cod liver oil and essential fatty acids daily, and getting lots of good stock. Not having a vegetable juicer, and not being able to use any of the sweeter vegetables to make that tolerable, I’m not doing the recommended juicing, but I shouldn’t detox too quickly anyway with a very dependent nursling. I have cravings occasionally still, but it is more the memory of the taste, (for which I try to find a substitute) than a craving for that particular item. I do miss bread and dark chocolate, but it isn’t that hard to pass such items by so I can continue making progress.

The most fascinating thing for me is how many vegetables I’ve learned to like and use since changing my diet. I’ve discovered squash, radishes, bitter greens such as kale, chard, etc., brussell sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, leeks, and no longer shy away from buying or receiving a vegetable that looks weird and I’ve never heard of. All this wonderful greenery needs is the right seasoning and a little fat. Some are best baked, or pan fried, or raw, or crisped in the oven, and a little experimenting and google searching will easily reveal that. Had I not decided to radically change my diet, I may have tried some new ones eventually, but it would be slow, and I would probably stick to classics that I know - it is much more fun to be adventurous. It’s more nutritious too - different vegetables have different blends of nutrients, and eating what is in season means you get the most nutritionally dense item available.

Meanwhile, I have to plan some good GAPs packable meals for the 4th. Any ideas?

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