Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Eating illegal food - Week 8

This was a party week, a celebration week, a running around week... and we took a break from GAPs on more occasions than we probably should have. It is interesting now that I can really taste the artificial processed additives that I never noticed so much before. Fortunately, despite all compromises made, we stuck to the diet for most meals, and are not suffering major set-backs that we can see. Just a little more of the discomforts that remind us why we want to be eating this better way.

I've also begun my experiments with stevia. The verdict still seems to be out as to whether or not it is GAPS legal, but given that it is like an spice in regards to use and digestion, and how little is needed, I'm assuming it to be fine. No one has reacted badly to it, and it definitely will slow how quickly honey is used in this house even when there are birthday parties. I followed the recommendation of many bloggers and purchased the NuNaturals pure extract powder. No weird additives, no added sugar alcohols, no weird aftertaste, and incredibly sweet. I may have gotten used to less sweet desserts, but I need less stevia than I've seen others use - 1/2 tsp replacing 1&1/2 cups regular sugar. Pretty impressive. So far combining it with a little honey has made for delicious desserts, and no one has noticed the lack of processed sugar in the treats I made.

I am truly amazed at how much more satisfying real food is. I survived on meals out here and there before, but now they just leave me wanting. My body has learned to crave good food!

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