Friday, August 6, 2010

Honey Ginger Carrots

Wait... I thought you said your daughter is sensitive carrots. Yes yes. These came from the CSA we are in, and my husband likes carrots. And once my daughter weans - I'll be eating these too! This is one of my mom's recipes that I've always loved. Thanks Mom!

  • enough carrots for everyone, either baby carrots, or larger carrots cut into smaller pieces. 
  • little butter
  • little honey
  • few pinches ginger

Steam the carrots for a few minutes until just soft, drain. Add rest of ingredients - to taste. You don't need much butter, honey, or ginger to give it a wonderful flavor. Yum!

(Could also substitute another fat instead of butter, such as bacon drippings or coconut, but butter tastes best in my opinion.)
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