Friday, July 13, 2012


I keep forgetting to post our toothpaste recipe!

This is a conglomeration of other recipes. So if you don't like mine, find one you do like. It so simple, frugal, and effective!

All you need:
2 T coconut oil or coconut ghee
3 T bak soda
1 T Dr. Bronners castille soap - opt.
1/16 tsp stevia extract powder
10 drops (appox.) essential oil - such as peppermint or orange

We find that even with the stevia, it still taste a little salty from the baking soda, and it took some getting used to. After a little while though, I got used to not having that nasty "minty fresh"taste in my mouth, and it tastes very neutral to me. We also think it cleans our teeth even better!


Some other ones to try:

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Here's to happy teeth!

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