Saturday, March 26, 2011

It's Not Soup Navy Bean Casserole

The end of the month sometimes brings on re-newed creativity. Especially on months when a grocery expense was somehow missed, and I can't go to Trader Joe's until April. And I've not been thinking about food much anyway because I'm designing a new house. And the weather was warm (for a few days, before snowing.) According to my monthly planner, it was time to have beans. But not naked bean burritos because who puts green beans in tacos?

1 lb fresh green beans, broken into bite-sized pieces.
the little bit of leftover ground beef out of the fridge (or other meat)
1 lb navy beans, soaked in baking soda and water
2 tsp salt
2-3 cups beef or chicken stock
onions and garlic, if you have any.
Lard, tallow, whatever fat is available. About 1/2 c or more. 

After soaking beans overnight, (or as long as you have time for) drain off water and put in a large stock pot along with stock and enough water to more than cover. Bring to a simmer, skim off foam, don't let it boil over, and simmer hard for an hour, stirring often so you aren't screaming when you try to clean the pot later. The beans will become even more mushy as they cool. Add salt, seasoning as desired, lots of fat, and mix in anything else that looks appetizing from the fridge.

While the beans are cooking, trim and wash green beans (or as some call them, string beans.) and steam gently until they have just changed color. Salt, add fat.

Re-warm other meat and veggies in toaster over/oven and mix all these items together. Plop on plates and pull out every condiment in the house.

My hubby had his with yogurt and salsa, I just added extra cumin and green onions. You could add any number of things. Hurray for lack of supplies!
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