Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I've updated this recipe to skip the processor and use just one pot!

I make cauli-rice quite a bit. Not just for stir-fries, I also like it underneath some sloppy joes instead of a bun. Or any other dish that formerly used rice. Here is the simplist way to do it.

  Wash cauliflower, break into chunks and run through processor until it becomes small crumbles. You’ll probably have to do that in batches. (You can also grate it.) Put all of it in a large pot or skillet with a little bit of coconut oil or other fat. Stir often on medium heat. 

When cauliflower is becoming more translucent, make a shallow area in the center. Add some additional fat or oil.
Pour two or three beaten eggs in shallow area and gradually stir into cauliflower, leaving chunks of egg throughout.

 Season with paprika, wheat-free Tamari sauce, salt, garlic, onion, and anything else that strikes you. Pile on protein and other veggies and dive in!
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