Monday, February 8, 2016

Turmeric Candy - Golden Stars of Goodness

Shhhh.... Don't tell my kids, but what they think is "candy" is actually their blend of healing supplements! Oh wait, they already know. In fact, they beg for it each day.

Necessity was the mother of invention again in our house, and so I invented these. When you're looking at roaring inflammation in little bodies (still!) and a new freedom from oxalate restrictions (hurray!), mixing up turmeric with a bunch of other goodies sounds like the best approach to take. God be praised, my children love it! If you have a turmeric hater, I won't say this will convert them, in fact, I'd probably tell you not to make this recipe at all. I don't care for it except in a nice curry myself. But if you don't mind turmeric flavor and want to include more in your diet, this is easy and convenient!

The best part to me is that all those other supplements and supports I was supposed to be giving them and kept forgetting, now go in their daily candy! Feel free to flex this to your needs, I'm always wondering what else I can hide in their daily bite of golden goodness.

Turmeric "Candy"

Ingredients for a small batch (makes about eight tsp-size servings):
(we often quadruple this recipe since they take a full two tsps daily) 
1 tsp glutamine powder (can replace with more gelatin)
2 tsp/scoops of vit C powder (We're using Madre C powder, approx 1000mg vit C)
1 Tbsp gelatin
1.5 Tbsp turmeric powder (look for organic, non-irradiated, freshly ground is more powerful)

Optional - 1/2 tsp kelp powder
               a little ginger powder (for flavor)
                pinch of salt (salt is good the body and brings out the sweetness)

Mix all powders till well blended then add:

1.5 Tbsp coconut oil (can use more to make firmer, less to make more like peanut butter)
2  tsps raw honey (your kids may like sweeter, just balance total amount with CO)

Optional - Vit D drops (look for pure vitamin D3 in olive oil, I add enough that they get couple thousand IU daily, you can adjust to your needs.)

You may need to warm some to soften. My oven has a "warm" setting which is perfect.  Thoroughly mix the whole concoction, and check on it as it cools in case the fat separates some. When cool, cut into squares. Or pour warm into molds for a fun treat. If you use less "liquid" ingredients, you can just scoop it with a spoon and eat like golden peanut butter.

My kids are taking 1-2 tsp of this concoction daily and they love it!

Big PS: Warning it stains everything! If you see yellow around my kid's mouths, you'll know why. Turmeric stains hands too. And clothing. And...

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