Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What Does she eat?

My little girl is eating more and more food. We're still working on making sure digestion is in tip top shape, so I focus on the most digestible and nutrient dense foods I can. This is what a typical day looks like for my 18mo.

-2 mostly raw egg yolks with lots of pastured butter.
I fry a couple eggs on low low heat until the whites are cooked, without flipping. That way there is a little yolk that is more cooked, but most of it is raw and just warmed, and all of the whites are cooked. You can eat raw egg white from what I understand, but I don't like the slimey texture, and I don't trust her gut yet enough to let her eat egg white.
-half-teaspon of fermented cod liver oil (Green Pastures bran)
-Some homemade 24hr yogurt if she is interested.

-a few tablespoons of mushed up vegetables that I'm eating, sometimes
-as much chicken, especially organ meats, as she wants to eat - maybe a 1/4 cup
-a few tablespoons homemade yogurt
as much homemade stock as she wants to eat
- several big spoonfuls of milk kefir. 

-1/8 c yogurt
-2-3 ice cube size pieces of a pureed soup
-pre-chewed meat that we are eating
-mushed up veggies we eating, sometimes
- several shreds of raw liver (I keep grated frozen liver in a container so I can just pull out a little and let it thaw while we're eating. She eats it like its dessert!)

I let her eat as she desires, when all of her food starts moving to the corner of her tray, then I know she'll only eat a few more bites that I feed her and be done. Some days she is all about yogurt, other days she like veggies, but I know I can trust her desires to keep everything balanced. When I remember, I give her sauerkraut at the beginning of the meal. She is still nursing a lot, but I let her drink water if she wants too.

For more information about feeding baby a Weston Price way, check out this article.

Happy foods for a happy baby!
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